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Frequently Asked Questions

Nationwide UK Cleaning offer both domestic and commercial cleaning for a range of sectors throughout the UK. If the following FAQs still leave you with question, please contact us on 0784 2324901.

On the day of the clean the team will arrive no earlier than 08.00 and arrive no later than 16.00. They call an hour before they arrive on a contact number supplied on the time of booking. During the clean you don’t have to be present but must be available for the team’s arrival to allow access and supply a list in priority, also after completion to sign off work which can be organised on the day between the team and client.

All the teams are equipped with vans and will require parking as close to the property as possible. Where applicable if parking restrictions are around the property they are visiting please ensure that suitable arrangements are made prior to their arrival and that it is communicated to the team when they call an hour before.

We ask that you are present 20 minutes before the booked time is completed. This can be organised with the team on arrival as to when to contact you to return to the property. At this stage the team will ask for you to check the work any issues at this point can be rectified.

All our teams are equipped with products and equipment, we ask for hot water and electricity to be present during the duration of the clean. The team are fully insured and all equipment is PAT tested. Any external windows can be cleaned providing they can be accessed from the inside.

On the day of the clean the team will arrive no earlier than 08.00 and arrive no later than 16.00. They call an hour before they arrive on a contact number supplied on the time of booking. During the clean you don’t have to be present but must be available for the team’s arrival to allow access and supply a list in priority, also after completion to sign off work which can be organised on the day between the team and client.

We ask for as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment if requiring a specific date. Where possible we will endeavour to assist on the earliest date available for you and also with next day cleans if we have availability. Please be advised that there are many busy periods throughout the year and we will hold your required date for 24 hours. After this time if payment is not received your booking will automatically be released.

When the date is booked with one of the sales team you will receive an order form via e-mail, this will have the details of the order, address details and contact details. The chosen date by yourself depending upon availability will be held for 24 hours. In this time payment must have been received so it can be confirmed on the schedules. Non payment in this time could mean losing the desired date or automatic cancellation.

Man hours are the total amount of time the cleaning will take place working through a list supplied by the client in priority. Please ensure that enough man hours are booked for the cleaning that you wish to happen. The only cleaning not included in the man hours are professional oven clean, professional carpet clean and external windows can only be cleaned if they can be accessed from the inside. The teams all work within working height regulations. If any areas are to be accessed above this equipment will be required and charged accordingly.

Due to high levels of business we will very rarely come out and visit to offer a quote. Our sales team are well trained and experienced on data gathering over the phone to ensure the client is advised of the amount of time that is required to be booked and any equipment required. Please be advised that this does rely on accurate information and not disclosing the full extent of the situation could mean not enough time been booked. If too many man hours are booked and unused these will be refunded after the clean.

We do not offer lone working and the teams work in a minimum of two though some teams are three or more. The schedules are not generated till the night before so the number of the team will not be advised upon booking but depending on how many members in the team, the man hours are divided down between them.

We ask that someone responsible is allocated to greet the team on arrival and hand them the list in priority to work through. If there is no one available it has to be pre agreed with the sales team on how they will gain access to the property and where the list will be. In the absence of a cleaning list the team will work through each room in the time permitted but please be advised that you may not have the jobs done that you would like done which is why we ask for the list.

All the teams are equipped with vans and will require parking as close to the property as possible. Where applicable if parking restrictions are around the property they are visiting please ensure that suitable arrangements are made prior to their arrival and that it is communicated to the team when they call an hour before.

We ask that you are present 20 minutes before the booked time is completed. This can be organised with the team on arrival as to when to contact you to return to the property. At this stage the team will ask for you to check the work any issues at this point can be rectified.

You do not need to be present during the clean only on arrival and when the team have completed the clean.

All our teams are equipped with products and equipment, we ask for hot water and electricity to be present during the duration of the clean. The team are fully insured and all equipment is PAT tested. Any external windows can be cleaned providing they can be accessed from the inside.

We offer a commercial kitchen extraction ventilation clean with a certification. It includes cleaning ducts, degreasing where accessible to hand level only to both entry and exit points and to provide certification TR19 method to include insurance backed Darwin Clayton Certification to HSE standards.

We can not guarantee the removal of all marks but will aim to certainly remove or make the appearance look better. When cleaning mould and mildew it can depend if the spores have embedded in to the silicon or grouting and this will be dependant on how much can be removed. Marks on carpets will be spot treated but if the carpet has been treated by the client previously to the team arriving this can cause the mark not to be removed completely.

All the products are environmentally friendly that are used and also have antibacterial qualities to ensure a good and safe clean.

Nationwide Cleaning Services is fully insured for any damage as a result of our services. Please refer to our terms and conditions full details

Each quote is tailored to your home or business and how you use it and because we offer additional services, no quote will be the same.

Any complaints should be raised with Nationwide UK Head Office as soon as reasonably possible within 24 hours and we will immediately instigate a full investigation

We accept payments by bank transfer or you can arrange a regular standing order. Cheque payments can be made but must be cleared before cleaning takes place which can take up to 7 working days to clear from receipt of cheque. All payments must be made in advance of services commencing.

We can usually help at short notice, please call our central booking number 0784 2324901 to discuss your needs. This line is operational 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Each team has been recruited for their enthusiasm and professionalism, and trained to clean your home or business to Nationwide UK standards and processes. The teams are identifiable by their Nationwide UK uniforms they wear.

Our clean teams will under take residential, commercial and industrial premises for one-off and regular cleans. Please speak to our sales team regarding your specific requirement and they will advise accordingly.

Please look at the reviews on our website for previous client’s feedback. We also ask for a satisfaction sheet to be signed after the end of the clean.

We operate nationwide and have teams in many areas. Please call the sales team for availability.

All employees are DBS checked when starting with Nationwide Cleaning Services as we undertake a lot of school and council cleans which require these checks.

Each team member is thoroughly trained in:

  • Personal safety and security for staff
  • Safety and security for clients and their property
  • Standards and behaviour at work
  • Customer service and customer care
  • Risk assessment / method statements undertaken as necessary
  • Confidentiality expectations
  • Nationwide Cleaning Services methods
  • COSHH training

An after builders cleaning service includes a multitude of different services. A stereotypical scenario in which after builders cleaning would be required could invole services such as: Internal cleaning on windows, frames sills and glass; deep cleaning of doors, door frames and carpets. 

If you are using a professional contractor, they will clean up after themsleves. However, their job is not to clean. The vast majority of builders will leave a site in the need of a clean after their work is done, this is why after builders cleaning services are so popular. The last thing you want to do after getting building work done is clean up after them.

Leaving your windows open may seem like a good idea after construction work, however the dust level in your home willl only increase. Many factors contribute to ths happening including dirt and pollen. To remove dust form your housr properly, it must be cleaned by professionals. 

The best method of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, also known as a deep clean. This is because it is the most effective cleaning method, getting all of the dirt even at the lowerest layers of carpet. 

A seam cleaner will always be the better option when it comes to cleaning your carpets, steam cleaners clean much more effectively than shampoo. All of the dirt gets dislodged by the water and then vacuumed up to leave no trace of dirt in your carpet.

To make sure your carpet is always looking good and clean, we recommend that your carpets should be professionally cleaned about once every year. This is a guidline, if you use your carpet more, the frequency of cleans needed will increase. This also works the other way around, where you may need less cleans.

End of tenancy cleaning is a deep cleaning services that if used for the cleaning of a rented place of living before moving out. This ervice is often used tp ensure that you recieve your deposit. 

You can choose to clean your own flat, as a tenant you are not require to get any professional help. However, there are cases where the landlord won’t give your deposit back unless you have the property cleaned thoroughly and professionally. 

It is legal for your landlord to take money out of your deposit for cleaning, whilst it isn’t a common thing to happen; it is one of the most common claims made by landlord for deposit deducations.

A crime scene cleaner responds to the scene of violent crimes. Any traumatic events which include bodily fluids or any other miological material will use a crime scene cleaning team. 

There are a few different things that can match the requirements for a crime scene cleanup. There are four main reasons: hazardous waste transporting, medical waste, infectious waste and a trauma scene.

You should advise people to clean up after themselves after the movie. The employees that clean after each cinema screaning have a very busy schedule most of the time and how much there is to clean up in each screening, you will usually arrange a time period of cleaning based on the amount of rubbish expected to be left inside of the cinema.

A movie theater can be cleaned after every single viewing, however this doesn’t mean that it is clean. To do a full clean on a cinema, cleaning each indivdual seat could cause the screen to be out of action for up to a whole day. Because of the income interuption, it’s not common that each seat is going to be clean – we recommend cleaning your cinemas once every couple of months.

We have found that bicarbonate of soda is one of the best methods for fast and effective cleaning on upholstery. We will vacuum each seat, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the seat and wait for around 30 minutes. 

A cleaning service contract is an agreement between multiple parties which will determine the guidlines of what services will be provides by each party involved.

You agreement should have the duration of the contract, start and end dates. We will include every service that you require to make sure that your cleaning contract is exactly what you want and need it to be. 

All of our staff use their own products which we supply. We ask that you provide us with water and electricity, anything else that is require will be in the contract as we are happy to supply and products needed.

Fabric upholstery is usually just cleaned using hot water, with a small amount of product to make a cleaning solution. Vinegar and dish soap are both very effective cleaning solutions when it comes to upholstery cleaning.

We apply our dry cleaning solvent to a dry towel and brush across the dirty areas repeatidly, we use soft bristled cleaning equipment to make sure we can clean your upholstery without damaging the fabric.

A lot of upholstery furniture comes with recommendation of dry cleaning, howevever not many fabric furniture requires dry cleaning. We tend to dry clean a lot of upholstery as the fabric can often be delicate and it poses a low risk of damaging the furniture. 

School cleaners take care of the hygiene throughout the school. This includes cleaning all surfaces, waashing the flooring and vacuuming the carpets.

We take a lot of cleaning services and throw them into one big cleaning service, we will be able to make a quick and professional leaning job of any school. 

A teaching environment should be a clean and healthy environment, as it helps to balance out the stress and energy. Keeping schools clean is an easy way to enhance the quality of learning within a school.

Extreme cleaning is the cleaning of an entire home, removal of items and furniture, and making sure that everything is disinfected and declutered. 

It is important to decluter before you even consider trying to clean a hoarders house. We sort through all of the items and make sure we are not getting rid of anything that is important or could still have a use. Once all of the items throughout the house are sorted, we will disinfect the entire house.

Hoarding is a disorder that is a common light disorder. It is often seen in people that have a light case of OCD. Hoarding can also be brought on by depression or other mental illnesses. 

Government cleaning contracts are quite common, they include and service that is owned by the government. These can include things such as public bins, public libraries and other services that are government owned. 

A cleaner in a hospital is often thought of as a janitor, however they are often contract cleaners that do not actually work for he hospital but work for a individual cleaning company. 

Clinical cleaning is a cleaning service provided to both public and private healthcare sectors. These types of environments require more in depth cleaning services and techniques to ewnsure that all of the specialist equipment is up to cleaning standards. 

Environmental services in hospitals cleans all areas focusing on patient rooms. This service is one of the main defenses against serious infections which could be left around on unlceaned services.  

We are able to supply all hotel cleaning services that you could need. We can offer in-room cleaning, laundry, drying and lounge cleaning. There are many services that are required for a hotel clean, we are a good supply for all.

We have enough cleaning staff to tackle any size hotel cleaning services. We keep the highest level of hygiene throughout all of our staff regardless of the size of the job and amount of staff required.

All of our cleaning jobs are quoted indivdually, you can contact us to get a good idea of what it will cost you. We can give you a breakdown of what services we think you need and the price of our services.

Our domestic cleaning is maintaining cleanliness in the home on a daily basis. We offer every cleaning service that goes on inside of a house, supplying our own equipment and having all of our cleaning work done by experienced professional cleaners.

On average, one room will take about an hour to clean thoroughly. So based on this, we would suggest you leave enough time for 1 hour per bedroom and an extra hour for hallways and other places.

There are many services which are included in our house cleaning services. We offer services such as vacuuming, cleaning furniture and upholstery, tiles and washroom. We offer all of these services and many more that we can communicate before starting our services.

There are some basic cleaning equipment and services that can be done to make a kitchen much cleaner straight away. We use surface cleaning, stainless steel cleaners, custom cleaning solutions; all of our cleaning jobs use equipment and supplies that we supply and bring.

For a deep kitchen clean, it is only needed every so often, we recommend that your kitchen is deep cleaned around two to four times every year. However, this number is per person and you should make your own assessment. If you do a lot of home cooking then you are probably going to need to get your kitchen cleaned much more often then someone who eats out a lot. 

We often use white vinegar in our cleaning process asit contains 5% acetic acid which is great for killing bacteria. It also gets through grease very easily which makes it a perect addition to a kitchen clean.

The most important thing to do whilst cleaning a library is to make sure that you get rid of all the dust. A dusty and dirty library can cause damage to the book long term and short term. We use dusters and warm water to make sure that there will be no dust left to make sure it stays as clean as possible. 

Dusting books can be a very easy job if done often. You can use a microfibre cloth and rub down the sides of the bookshelves. Doing this will get rid of any dust building up before it has a chance to get all over your books.

Books are made from organic material which makes them very fragile. The books themselves are degrading and creating dust all the time, however dust on your book can cause damage if handled or cleaned without first being dusted down.

We use many different remedies depending on the stain. We often wash with vinegar and baking soda before putting it in the washing machine on a low heat.

We remove all mdeals from the uniform which we are cleaning, including and ribbons that may be on the uniform. We always advice that y ou store your military uniform flat, it is adviced to stuff some tissue paper into the shoulders and hang it up.

There are lots of different military uniforms, to list some of the ones we clean: utility/combat uniforms, service uniforms, dress blues.

Regular cleaning of your car park will protect it from dirt, oil and carbon monoxide ensuring that the surface of your carpark isn’t getting damaged. The cost of the repairs are much more than a regular cleaning service.

We clean the entire car park. These services include parking bays, stairwells and graffiti removal.

Each car park is going to take a different amount of time to clean. We can help you find out how long it would take to clean your car park if you contact us with your size and requirements.

Cleaning is a musr for museums and essenial to their galleries. This is for both the resons of greater customer satisfaction and also to protect artwork.

Our office cleaning includes services such as vacuuimng, disinfecting, mopping hard floors, emptying bins and wiping down glass.

Office cleaners generally work 5 days a week, there are different variable about how long it takes to clean offices. We can quote up a bespoke office cleaning price with information about the size of your offices and the cleaning services your want done.

The process of a one off clean include a full house clean that is not bound by a contract. We can offer any of our services for a one off cleaning service for a small extra charge.

This can depend on what services you opt for. If you decide to have a full deep clean then it can easily take all day. However, if you don’t choose a one off clean and have a regular clean it can be a quick as an hour or two.

A one off cleaning service can be £50 and up, we charge an extra fee for one off cleans that we don’t include for our regular cleaning services. Our rates will also depend on the size of the property we are cleaning. 

Our oven cleaning service are very popular, we can give your oven a deep clean in a short amount of time with out experienced cleaning staff.

As long as you have provided us with entry, and you are there for the time we finish, there is no need for you to stick around whilst we are cleaning.

We will clean the building top to bottom. We will dust and clean, vacuum and tidy all literature laying around. We also clean the stages to make sure they are spotless for the next speaker.

The cleaning and maintainer of a church or often refered to as a Sexton. However this can aslo be the name for a bellringer or a gravedigger.

A church custodion is the equivilant of a janitor. They take care of all the maintenance around and within the church. This can include cleaning public areas of the building such as bathroomns, sanctuary and kitchens. 

Residential cleaners will supply all of the services that are common around a general household. Some of these services can include, dusting, vacuuming and washing. 

Different cleaning services are recommended to be done different amounts ach year. Cleaning tings like your fridge or your oven is recommended to be done every six months, however there are other cleaning services that do not need to be done as often. Some of these include window cleaning and carpet cleaning which you can get away with having cleaned once a year.

All of our cleaning chemicals are top quality, with a lot of our products being made by ourselves. We don’t use any products that could reduce our environmental impact.

We offer an all round cleaning service for your retail store. Our professional staff use our dedicated tools and equipment to vacuum all of your carpets and wipe down all surfaces throughout your store.

We are a well established company with highly trained and expereinced cleaning staff. We go out of our way to make sure that all of our cleaning services and products that we use during our cleaning services are to the highest standards possible.

A specialist cleaning service is where our team are all experienced in the cleaning task you require. We have specialist teams in all sorts of different roles, from windows to carpets.

A spring clean is a deep clean that is throughout the entire property. This can include all rooms, bathroom, gardens and windows. The price and time period will vary property to property depending on the amount of rooms and their sizes.

Spring cleaning is a tradition which came from often being stuck inside your home during the winter, meaning it would be extra dirty come spring. Regular cleaning throughout the year can make a spring clean redundant, but unless you have been cleaning the entirety of your house year-round, it is recommended that a spring clean is done once a year.

If you want to eliminate the need for a spring clean then it is recommended that your house is cleaned every three months and dusted every few weeks. 

Trains can be cleaned throughout the night using pressure washers, wiper fluid and other techniques to leave your trains looking as good as new.

We recommend that train carriages have their seats cleaned ever night, with the hallways and passages getting mopped 2-3 times per week.

The price of cleaning a cars interior can vary depending on the services you want us to do. The services available include: washing, waxing, vacuuming, polishing, window washing, irror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning. 

A car detailing service can take anywhere from an hour to a full day. Depending on the condition of your vehicle and what you are going to need done.

Fog can help to protect a warehouse from dust buil-up. Dust can cause problems for staff and vehicles throughout a warehouse,  using fog in a warehouse will reduce the dust by suppressing the dust entering.

We create regular cleaning goals to make sure that a warehouse is always in optimal performing state. Providing readily available cleaning material for people to clean up after themselves will make warehouse cleaning a much quicker and simpler job.

The role of a janitor is to take rubbish away, clean and sweep the floors, mopping and vacuuming them. Cleaning bathrooms and replacing supplies is also within their role.

Janitors can be required to use the following: mop and bucket, broom and dustpan, duster and safety signs. All of which will be provided by us, including cleaning equipment. 

We use our own window clewaning solutions that we are sure to be the best option, we use several different remedies to get the perfect clear window.

Windows are not thatbad when it come to collecting dirt, for that reason we recommend you get your windows cleaned around twice a year for constantly clean looking panes.

Fogging cleaning is a technique using a fogging machine and various disinfectants in order to effectively disperse the disinfectant over a wide area while reducing the risk of missing a spot that would be more common with standard disinfecting procedures. 

Fogging cleaning has been shown to be effective in killing 99% of viruses, bacteria, germs and other organisms. A coronavirus is a group of viruses with covid-19 being part of that group. Whilst no data exists on the efficacy against covid-19, fogging has been shown to be extremely effective against related coronaviruses, such as SARS. 

No. We use non-toxic disinfectants that are not harmful to humans. 

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