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Extreme Cleaning Services

Cleaning services for those jobs that require an extra level of cleaning

Extreme Cleaning Services

At nationwide UK cleaning we provide a wide range of extreme cleaning services for those jobs that require an extra level of cleaning. Unfortunately, there is nothing nice about extreme cleaning. Often there are risks to health for staff as the job may entail dealing with left over drug paraphernalia as well as risk of exposure to bodily fluids and excrement. Due to the nature of the work the risk of exposure to diseases which use bodily fluids as a vector is high, these include HIV, Hepatitis and more.

  • Crime Scene Cleaning
  • Biohazard Cleaning
  • Bin rooms & Rubbish Shoots
  • Sewage Overflows

How our Extreme Clean Works

We are contracted by all sorts of individuals and organisations who require our services. There is no job too dirty for us to tackle. Once you have contacted us we will quote up the job, providing a free, no obligation quotation.


Types of Extreme Cleaning


It is, sadly, the case that many people in rental accommodation do not take care of the property they are renting. Often, it is small things such as drying clothes in doors or not properly ventilating the bathroom which can lead to damp and mould. Occasionally, however, there are the more extreme cases. Tenants may have hoarded rubbish or other items or may have lived with animal faeces and urine on the floor for some time. This can either be due to inability due to age or disability or sheer disregard for not only the property’s state but their own health.

Crime Scenes

We have experience in working on locations where a crime has been committed. This can range from squatting, where there is a high chance of exposure to used hypodermic syringes and other drug related items to more major crime scenes.

Our crime scene cleaners can liaise with any number of people from family members to emergency service workers. We understand that our services are rarely required at a pleasant moment in someone’s life and so we aim to be compassionate as possible for each individual situation.

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    Extreme Cleaning Experts

    We have a broad range of experience cleaning all manner of surfaces so it is certain we would be able to help you out with your extreme cleaning needs. We use powerful chemicals to clean carpets and upholstery to remove any unpleasant stains and promise to leave any property looking as good as new.

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    Common Extreme Cleaning Questions

    Extreme cleaning is the cleaning of an entire home, removal of items and furniture, and making sure that everything is disinfected and declutered.

    It is important to decluter before you even consider trying to clean a hoarders house. We sort through all of the items and make sure we are not getting rid of anything that is important or could still have a use. Once all of the items throughout the house are sorted, we will disinfect the entire house.

    Hoarding is a disorder that is a common light disorder. It is often seen in people that have a light case of OCD. Hoarding can also be brought on by depression or other mental illnesses.

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