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Transport Cleaning

Perfect solution for cleaning all on-street infrastructure


UK Transport Cleaning Services

Our unique ability to deliver high-calibre and innovative cleaning solutions is second-to-none, and has led us to become one of the leading transport cleaning organisations.

Due to the heavy volumes of people moving through these stations and terminals, public transport cleaning is an extremely important function to ensure health and safety and to make sure that the facilitates are looked after.

The services we deliver varies, ranging from the cleaning of stations, depots and park and ride sites to the actual passenger vehicles. An area where we have developed speciality over the years working within the cleaning and the maintenance of on-street infrastructure where we work extensively currently managing a fleet of vehicles which deliver the cleaning services to over bus stops. In addition the services we deliver include the management of timetable information cases and the change over and posting of crucial information at structured times for exchange each year.

We offer a system free from chemicals. It is non corrosive and residue free removing the likelihood of streaks ad smears which are often left behind following this type of cleaning.


What do we include in our transport cleaning?

Our cleaning system is proven as one particularity effective for the cleaning of glass and atrium; but in addition poly-carbonate, painted metals and alloys, and has now created the perfect solution for the cleaning of all types and designs of on-street infrastructure.

This innovative approach we have introduced has proven most successful and created the opportunities to massively increase the levels of productivity previously accepted within this area of work; and in addition provides higher standards of cleanliness and a cost effective method of working.

  • Cleaning of all poly-carbonates
  • Cleaning of the panels
  • Cleaning of the glass
  • Cleaning of the time table cases
  • Exchange & posting of information
  • Sweeping of the floor area
  • Cleaning of the framework
  • Removal of glass
  • Disinfecting of the seats and floor area
  • Removal of rubbish
  • Graffiti removal
  • Complete deep clean processes
  • Provision of sharps collection
  • Emptying of bins
  • Call out work within prescribed wimescales
  • Removal of weeds

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This type of cleaning can only be successful through accurate and cost effective route planning; which is essential for the smooth operations behind this type of work. Extensive research and planning along with considerable investment over recent years has ensured we have in place all of the necessary systems for this work to be undertaken and delivered successfully in compliance with specifications.

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Common Transport Cleaning Questions

The price of cleaning a cars interior can vary depending on the services you want us to do. The services available include: washing, waxing, vacuuming, polishing, window washing, irror and trim cleaning and tire cleaning. 

A car detailing service can take anywhere from an hour to a full day. Depending on the condition of your vehicle and what you are going to need done.

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