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Cinema Cleaning

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UK Cinema Cleaning Services

If you are a cinema owner or manager, you are well aware of how difficult it is to keep your cinema cleaning up up to your patrons' expectations.

Try as the might, employee "spot cleaning" between shows usually leaves something to be desired. Without a proper deep cleaning each night, movie theatres begin to have a dirty smell and feel that can lose recurring business for your company.

Our cinema cleaning operations are based around your specific needs these needs vary, and depend on which type of film you are showing now. A Hollywood blockbuster which appeals to a younger audience will see multiple showings daily, especially in the school holidays. This will impact on the toilets, the front of house, and the seating, and sadly we all know that not every customer will use the litter bins.


Why use Nationwide Cleaning for your cinema?

A more sedate movie like a British art house production will see a much smaller audience so there's little point in gearing up n the same manner as for the Blockbuster, therefore a smaller team of cinema cleaning operative would suffice.

We work with you to maximise cleaning times in between film showings, recognising that you often have just a few minutes between each. Thorough cleaning takes place out of sight of your clientele either early in the morning or at night. Litter picking in your car park (if you have any) is something we do when there's no one about, for safety reasons.

We offer a wide range of cinema cleaning solutions. Our cinema cleaning services include sweeping up food debris after hours, cleaning and polishing surfaces, mopping and vacuuming floors, deep cleaning bathrooms and food areas, steam cleaning cinema screen carpets and upholstery, window cleaning, signage cleaning, jet washing outdoor areas and more. Our cinema cleaning teams have a welath and experience when it comes to cleaning your place of business, so you know your cinema will be in safe hands when you use us.

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Our cleaning manager will first visit your cinema at a time that suits you. They will ask you questions relating to the cleaning work required, discussing your needs in full and whether these needs are for regular cleaning or a one-ff deep clean. They will then draw up a quote and contract specific to your business. Our cleaner or cleaning team will then bring their own cleaning systems and clean your site professionally and thoroughly as quoted.

So, if you're in need of a cinema cleaner, use us, and our reliable and professional cleaning services, to take care of cleaning your cinema whilst you take care of doing what you do best, giving customers a great cinematic and thrilling experience.

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Common Cinema Cleaning Questions

You should advise people to clean up after themselves after the movie. The employees that clean after each cinema screaning have a very busy schedule most of the time and how much there is to clean up in each screening, you will usually arrange a time period of cleaning based on the amount of rubbish expected to be left inside of the cinema.

A movie theater can be cleaned after every single viewing, however this doesn't mean that it is clean. To do a full clean on a cinema, cleaning each indivdual seat could cause the screen to be out of action for up to a whole day. Because of the income interuption, it's not common that each seat is going to be clean - we recommend cleaning your cinemas once every couple of months.

We have found that bicarbonate of soda is one of the best methods for fast and effective cleaning on upholstery. We will vacuum each seat, sprinkle bicarbonate of soda over the seat and wait for around 30 minutes. 

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